Behold Ministries
Monday, September 21, 2020

SWAT Team application

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At Behold we are dedicated to creating a safe, clean, wholesome environment for both campers and staff; one that focuses on loving God and loving others; encouraging youth to set anchors of faith for the rocky seas of the "real world".  It is our hope that we can show our campers that doing right, living clean, and serving others is the most rewarding and sincere response to the love of Jesus Christ.  In order to fulfill this goal, it only makes sense that our counselors hold these goals themselves; to be clean and wholesome in thoughts, words and actions; and to serve as good role models, instilling these qualities in the youth they will lead. By applying for this position, it is understood that you are ready to be a role model for youth. Are you in? 

 Name   Nickname
 School or Current Employment
 Best Phone # to reach you
 Email Address
 Emergency Contact Name  
 Relationship to you 
 Emergency Contact Phone #
 YOUR T-shirt size
 High School  
 Diploma (did you graduate?)
 College/Military Service   
 Course of Study   
Have you decided on a Career?  If Yes, please tell us about it. 

What activities or organizations have you participated in that would make you a better small group leader for junior and senior highs? 

Please share any work experience (volunteer or paid) that might relate to working successfully with campers?

Do you have a criminal record?   If Yes, please explain.

Who do you believe Jesus is?

What is the Bible to you?

What attributes do you have that would make you an effective leader for youth?

Why do you want to be a part of Behold?


Do you have any physical handicaps, health conditions, or personal limitations that will affect your ability to perform as a counselor (which requires long hours, a significant amount of walking and physical exertion, heat and cold, dealing with children for extended hours and during times of potential illness or emotional upset)? 



Junior High groups are divided by gender while Senior High are coed. When assigning groups we take into account many factors including your preference.

What age group do you prefer?





List two non-relatives who know you well. (ex. employer, teacher, campus minister, coach, pastor, volunteer supervisor) ONE REFERENCE MUST BE A Pastor, Youth Pastor, or Campus Minister

We will be contacting them via email or phone.

 Reference #1 Name  

 How do they know you?  



 Reference #2 Name  

 How do they know you?  




Please answer these questions in addition to all of the above


1) Tell us about your experience last year: (What group did you have? Who did you lead with? What was the best/worst part of the experience?)

2) What preferences do you have for your group assignment this year?

3) In what ways has your faith or spirituality deepened this past year?

4) How has your understanding of God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit evolved this past year?


I understand that being a counselor requires hard work for long hours, if selected to work at BEHOLD, I agree to work my very hardest and focus all my efforts on providing each and every camper with a safe, wholesome, fun-filled, learning experience. By submitting this application I certify that all the facts I have provided are true, and that all the statements of belief represent my true opinions and feelings.

We will hold 20 spaces for first time SWAT team leaders until 11/1/19.  Early applications result in more favorable consideration for all available positions. 

*All statements made in this application are completely confidential and will only be shared with the SWAT leadership staff. Thank you for taking the time to apply and we look forward to speaking with you soon.