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Friday, April 28, 2017

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Behold 2017
January 13-15, 2017
Speaker:  Taylor Morton
Taylor Morton is a two time National Champion and former football player for the University of Alabama.  Taylor is also a cancer survivor who knows what it takes to overcome adversity. Taylor is from Centreville Alabama which is in between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. Taylor is a motivational speaker that travels the country speaking to churches, businesses, and different organizations to help people become the very best that they can be.
JJ Weeks Band

The JJ Weeks Band, based in Macon GA, tour extensively all across the US doing a 100-120 dates a year. They have been a band for 12+ years and have proven they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. There hit song ‘Let Them See You’ not only climbed the charts to be a top 10 single on the Billboard top 100 and a top 20 song for 30+ weeks, but it has also touched thousands of people’s lives all across the globe. When talking to the band you can clearly see that is where they place the victory in this song. JJ says ‘What an honor it has been to see God use just a simple prayer of mine to touch so many lives. We have gotten email after email and talked to so many people at our shows and them share of how this song has meant so much to them. Honestly it has been a very humbling experience.’

Four guys with a heart to use their talents to encourage whoever will listen, David Hart on Bass, Robbie Fritz on Drums, Cody Preston on Guitar, and JJ Weeks Lead vocal make this group of seasoned musicians a staple in the music industry.

‘We want people to know that God has their back.  That they can trust Him in the midst of the struggles of life because He loves us,’ says Weeks.

The band’s music is filled with the pain of real life, but points to a hope that could only be found in a loving God.

Justin Teseniar Band

Behind each song, one finds a reverberation of life’s happenings – a lyrical stethoscope that pinpoints the very beating of a heart.  While today’s music can walk a fine line between being experiential and overly sentimental, Justin Teseniar is able to deliver what few musical offerings give today – honest, heartfelt lyrics that speak bold truths.   Justin’s career path has led him on many varied journeys.  He has played concerts and camps, and he has performed with Christian artists such as Mercy Me, Building 429, Big Daddy Weave, Natalie Grant, Hawk Nelson, Aaron Shust, and Meredith Andrews.  He also serves his community as a worship pastor at Corinth Baptist Church in Gainesville, Georgia.  Justin’s experiences have been vital to his development as an artist, and his perspective makes his music come alive.  He has channeled his life’s journey into songs that echo the struggles and lives of his fellow believers.



Jon Walden with Revocation Radio


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Revocation Radio is the only station on terrestrial frequencies that broadcasts our specific mix of Christian Rock and Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop music is so prevalent and influential in today’s society and culture, that we believe it is imperative to broadcast a Christian alternative with life-breathing messages and unparalleled quality, not only in lyrics, but also in production.


Revocation Radio is a new generation in broadcasting. Formed from a vision shared by each of our board members and staff, Revocation Radio aims to “Take Back the Airwaves.” With its 4 FM frequencies, Smartphone Apps and Interactive website, Revocation Radio wants to reach out and help the community. Revocation Radio wants to show that lyrics are not just words, they turn into actions.